OSSEMOOC Evening EdTech Discussions


I tried my first OSSEMOOC evening discussion today. If you’re not aware of what that is, it’s Ontario School and System Leaders Edtech MOOC (the C stands for ‘Community’ rather than course). I’ve been meaning to check it out for half a year now and I finally did. I totally found it really worth it!

I talk to people about Digital Learning all the time. It’s my job. A lot of this discussion is informal chats with various people in the same position as myself, or me trying to convince teachers of using certain technologies. So talking about technology is nothing new for me, but the very simple format of the OSSEMOOC evening online discussions was refreshing. A topic is decided before hand, there’s a tiny bit of guidance and prodding from the moderators to get discussion going, but then it goes where it will. And it went. No awkward pressure, just a great conversation with friendly joking in the backchannel pod.

We chatted about BYOD (Bring your Own Device) and this conversation centered around start-ups and initial challenges with regards to infrastructure and staff attitudinal issues (both of which can be daunting). Even if a discussion doesn’t land an instant and easy fix (though sometimes it does), just by talking through the issue and hearing others approaches and listening to suggestions is quite reinvigorating when facing such challenges. That’s what happened here.

I highly recommend checking out the next OSSEMOOC session. I’ll be there.


Let me know what you think.

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